Musik Medley – Mel Maroon

Healthy Tunes!

Mel Maroon

Tune No. 01: I concentrate on you

Tune No. 02: Nah bei dir/Close to you

Tune No. 03: It had to be you

Tune No. 04: I get a kick out of you

Tune No. 05: Wunderbar ist die Welt


Healthy Tunes!

»Alive & kickin´«! Best wishes from Chicago to the rest of the world: I also stay at home in my park at »Mel´s Mansion«. And I would like to share some wonderful tunes with you. Starting with »I concentrate on you«! Stay healthy, stay lovely! Yours, Mel Maroon!

Kunde: Mel Maroon
Format: Viral Spot
Zeitraum: 2020
Über Mel Maroon: WR